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This bow features a reverse/forward handle and a deflex/ reflex design to make an extremely smooth, fast, stable, low shock longbow. It comes with a positive placement dished grip which is cut to 3/16" past  center,or (center shot), ridged grooved shelf, 4 matching feathered overlays, diagonal overlays at belly on the tips and through the riser section grip. Fast flight string,and a  bow stringer. . Lengths include  64” and 66”.The Cajun Hunter comes  standard with a Bamboo core , your choice of Riser woods , and  veneers  listed here on site.


One-piece TREE STICK

This bow is my Hybrid longbow. I truly think it is the ultimate hunting bow. It features a heavy reflexed limb and positive placement dished grip for great point ability. This bow incorporates tendencies of both my recurve and longbow in its’ design. The riser is cut to 3/16" past center (center shot) with a ridged grooved shelf. The bow comes with matching feathered overlays, diagonal belly overlays at tips and through the riser section , fast flight string. It is available in lengths of 56”, 58”, 60”, 62” , 64”, and 66”.

The Tree Stick comes with standard  Bamboo core and your choice of riser wood,and  veneers listed on site 


This bow features a 16” riser with a ridged grooved shelf and is cut 3/16 past center. It offers the same great characteristic as the one-piece Tree Stick but with the convenience of the take down. This bow, my all time favorite, is available with either (or both) the Tree Stick or Carbon Reflex recurve  limbs. It is only 1 7/16’ at its widest point. Standard features include accent laminates in the riser, a ridged groove shelf, matching diagonal overlays at the limb bolts and belly of the tips, fast flight string, a bow stringer and  Bow  sock. This bow utilizes a two pin-one bolt attachment system with phenolic pads. The lengths available for the three piece Tree Stick are 56, 58”, 60”, 62”, 64”,66"and  68” The lengths available for the Three-Piece Recurve are 56”, 58”, 60”, 62”, 64”,66”.

 The 3-Pc. Tree Stick comes standard with Bamboo core,Riser wood of your choice,and veneers listed on site.