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One - Piece Carbon Reflex Recurve    

This bow is a fifties style recurve with a thick core, narrow limb design, that  is only 1-7/16” at it`s widest point. It features a (CARBON) reverse tapered, semi-static reflex, and a ridged-grooved shelf that is cut 3/16" past center(center shot)allowing a greater variation of shafting size and tunability. This design allows for a smooth, fast, quiet and stable bow that draws only 2 3/4 pounds per  inch . Standard 4 layer  contrasting,feathered overlays through the riser section.Matching overlays,cut diagonaly at the tip and belly through the riser section (grip) .Fast Flight string, and stringer. Available in 62",and 64" lengths.

 1Pc. Carbon Reflex comes with standard Bamboo core,choice of riser wood,and domestic veneers listed on site.

Standard Ridged Shelf

This shelf area is ridged as close to the throat as possible and the site  window radioused. Sideplate is set-up with a tooth pic at the pivot point at the ridge of the shelf and the arrow just touches two tiny places.This  helps elimanate torqing the bow and is almost like shooting an elevated rest. 


Three-Piece Carbon Reflex Recurve

This is a thick core, narrow limb bow which is only 1-7/16” at its’ widest point. This bow is offered in riser lengths of 16" & 18” This model offers the same great characteristics as the one-piece recurve but with the convenience of a take down. It is available with either (or both) recurve or Tree Stick limbs. Standard features include accent laminates in the riser, a ridged grooved shelf cut 3/16” past center, matching diagonal overlays under the limb bolts and belly of the tips, bow stringer, fast flight string.This bow utilizes a two pin-one bolt attachment system with phenolic pads. Unique reverse tapered reflex design make a semi-static limb that is smooth, fast, stable and reliable. The lengths available for the 3pc. Carbon Reflex recurve are 56”, 58’, 60”, 62" , 64" and 66" The lengths available for the Tree Stick limbs are 56",58”, 60”, 62”, 64”, 66 and 68"`.

3Pc. Carbon Reflex comes with standard Bamboo core,choice riser woods,and domestic veneers listed on site.